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There is more data than ever before. Marketers need the right platform to collect and connect their data in real-time to increase conversion.

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Fulcrum provides you with the ability to collect user data in real-time and the ability to easily create personalized experiences to increase engagement and accelerate conversion. Experience the power of Fulcrum with our 30-day FREE trial that includes:

  • A full license to Fulcrum Connex with all the features.
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  • A weekly call with our team to review the platform’s performance and optimize your results.


Channel Attribution – Email, Paid, Direct, Affiliate, Social, Other

  • User count
  • Conversion rates
  • Order total
  • Average order value
  • Products purchased

Order Data

  • Products purchased
  • Average order value
  • User count and identity

Summary Data

  • New users
  • Returning users
  • Conversion rates
  • Date specific time frame

User Data

  • Location (known and anonymous users)
  • Time on site
  • Device information
  • Page views and referrers
  • New vs. returning users
  • Custom user audience segments

Event Data

  • Events completed
  • Conversion rate per event
  • Last action before event conversion

Conversion Funnels

  • Users within specific
  • Conversion funnels
  • Users within specific stages of conversion funnels
  • List of users (if known) for any funnel/any stage

Page View Data (users known and unknown)

  • Pages visited and not visited
  • Search data
  • Products viewed
  • Frequency of page visits

Personalization & Email Campaigns

  • Setup personalization initiatives
  • Support email campaigns with custom user lists
  • Support retargeting campaigns with custom user segments

Third-party data is going away and it’s time for your organization to start realizing the power behind first-party data. Join the others that are making the move to use data, audience segmentation, and real-time personalization to dominate.

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