Put Your Data to Work

Fulcrum activates your 1st party data to optimize conversion.

Fulcrum is a powerful yet simple to use Customer Data Analytics Platform.

Fulcrum makes it easy to segment users and deliver personalized experiences across all your marketing channels. React in real time with relevant data, content or recommendations to connect on a 1 to 1 level with the user and optimize conversion.

Key Features

Real-Time Personalization
Customer Journey Optimization
Detailed Individual User Profile
Platform Implementation in Under 30 Minutes
Cross Channel Personalization

Engage with New Users

Identify new users when they come to your website and connect with them in a meaningful way. Fulcrum allows you to instantly recognize a new user to your site so that you can react in real time with messaging designed to make them feel welcome, promoting stronger engagement.

Convert Returning Users

Recognize and convert returning users into engage customers by providing them with relevant content or recommendations. Fulcrum allows you to segment these user types and apply personalization rules to optimize their experience.

Define a Relevant Customer Experience

Fulcrum makes it easy to respond with pertinent recommendations and notifications across all marketing channels. React instantly to on-page behaviors to create a truly 1-to-1 experience increasing the Lifetime Value of your customers.

What can Fulcrum do for me?