Data Collection + Activation

Fulcrum makes it easy to collect and actually use your data

Analytics Platform Features

Fulcrum empowers your organization to leverage your data.

Data Collection
Fulcrum collects your 1st party data, updating profiles for known and unknown users in real time so all your data is current and unified in a single location.
Customer Segmentation & Personalization
Quickly set up custom audience segments. Simple segments or highly complex ones, its all easy with Fulcrum. Personalize experiences for specific users creating a powerful contextual experience for each individual.
Customer Journey
Understand the customer journey and react in real time to manage/influence their path to conversion.
Marketing Channels
Execute relevant messages to specific users in real time across all marketing channels. Optimize your media spend by targeting segmented users who have exercised specific actions or intention.
Easily get deep insights into your data. Quickly run reports showing you user segments based on location, conversions, risk of churn, purchases, refferres, ect. Run product reports as well with total sales figures, average order value, order counts and much more.
User Personalization
Provide users with an engaging environment and contextual experience with Fulcrum’s Real-Time Personalization. Consumer expect it, 87% of companies who use personalization see a definite measurable lift form their efforts.

What can Fulcrum do for me?