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To say the least it has been an amazing experience and unbelievable journey. We also realize we are just getting started. There is a long way to go to reach our goals, good news is we have built an amazing vehicle to take us there.

What is Fulcrum?

Fulcrum is a Customer Data Management Platform designed to increase user engagement and optimize conversion.

What does it do?

It tracks the activity of every user on your website. Fulcrum collects, stores and processes all this data in real-time. It also collects offline data (transactions, mobile app, social, etc.) to provide a complete and unified view of your customers. Segments are created and updated to personalize each user’s experiences, all in real time, enhance the customer journey and optimize conversion.  

What problem is it designed to solve?

The majority of companies don’t collect and connect 1st party data. First party data is all the activity generated from an individual user both on and offline (page views, downloads, app usage, purchases, ect). This user data provides a tremendous amount of insight on the interests and needs of an individual. Yet the majority of companies don’t collect this valuable data, and if they do typically it is not structured properly to actually do anything with this information.  

How is Fulcrum different from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics collects a vast amount of data of website traffic, time on site, bounce rates, CPC, return visits, etc. This type of site-wide information is valuable to inform on general traffic patterns and other high level site optimization. However, all this user information is anonymous, as Google Analytics is not about understanding and reacting to the behaviors of the individual. Fulcrum is squarely focused on the individual. It collects data on a user’s unique activities and interests and then automatically activates a personalized and relevant experience to increase their engagement and optimize conversion. 

What can I expect from using the Fulcrum Platform?

Typically organizations experience dramatic value in 3 main areas:

Channel Attribution
Discovering not only traffic patterns from specific marketing channels but also overall engagement, revenue and customer journey milestones based on individuals.

Data Clarity
Our clients make better decisions when they have a unified view of the customer. Fulcrum allows all your data to be explored, queries and activated within a single application.

Actions for Optimization
Not only will Fulcrum provide you with the data, insights and ease of use, it also allows you to segment and personalize your marketing to provide each individual with a contextual experience, thus increasing engagement and optimizing conversion.

Higher user engagement and optimized conversion increases profits.

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