Fulcrum Pilot Program

Make getting better data a priority

The Fulcrum Pilot Program has been developed exclusively for companies who have the desire to optimize their relationships and revenue with customers as well as generate increased efficiency with their marketing channels. We will have your account up and running within minutes and will be immediately displaying real-time data on your customers.

Pricing for Pilot Program

Cost for the Pilot Program is $4,950 per month with a 90-day Performance Guarantee.

If the deliverables of Fulcrum are not deemed valuable you can cancel at day 90 and receive 50% of your pilot program fees back.

Gut Check

Essentially you are putting at risk $7,500 and approximately 15 hours of consulting, set up and refinement time over a 90-day period to test out an enterprise-grade Customer Data Platform with a fully managed onboarding and success support program.

The Pilot Program consists of the following:

Special Pilot Program Onboarding Process

Complete Managed Process for Account Setup. With our consigner onboarding process our team will actively manage the majority of the setup process, and proactively structure custom settings within your account.

Total Client Time for full instance setup: 2-3 Hours

The set up fee of $5,000 is waived for this program.

Fulcrum Pilot Program Account Attributes

The Pilot Program will include a fully loaded Fulcrum instance with the following core features:

  • Real Time 1st Party Collection
  • Custom Audience Segment Builder
  • Customer Journey Management
  • Company KPI Dashboard
  • Personalization Engine
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Multi Channel Attribution Reporting
  • 5 Active Seats
  • Data collection and management up to 5 million events per month

We’re here for you.

To be candid it is obviously in our best interest to “knock it out of the park” and do whatever it takes to provide a tremendous experience and bring real value to you as we are building our initial relationships for this company. We have spent the past 3.5 years working toward this moment and are fully committed to your  success.

To talk with us more about taking advantage of this opportunity please contact us.

Or email us at sales@fulcrumsaas.com.