Fulcrum Pricing

Fulcrum unlocks and activates this data for a better customer experience and increased revenue.

Analytics Platform Pricing

  • Fulcrum Standard
    $1,950 Monthly
    • Implementation/Onboarding Process
    • Dedicated Fulcrum Instance
    • Data Collection of (up to) 500K Events (page views, on page events)
    • 25 Custom Audience Segments
    • Full Access to Audience Builder
    • Google Ads Connector for Custom Segments
    • Audience Segmentation Analytics Export Tool for Email Campaigns
    • Standard KPI Dashboard
    • Weekly Reporting Summations
  • Fulcrum Complete Solution
    $4,950 Monthly
    • All Standard Features Plus:
    • Complete Instance Set Up and Support
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Initial Personalization Strategy Development
    • Monthly Strategy Development and Support
    • 10 Seats - Up to 10M monthly events
    • Access to Fulcrum Slack Channel
    • Fulcrum “DataDrop” Unified Data Integration
    • 1-1 Personalization Engine Activated
    • Salesforce Integration
    • A/B Testing
    • Customer Lead Scoring
    • Customer Persona Development
    • Conversion Funnel Tracking
    • Attribution Reporting

What can Fulcrum do for me?