Better Data Makes for Better Decisions

Make your Salesforce work better and smarter with a real-time data connection using Fulcrum.

Fulcrum monitors all your website visitors while they are on your site  tracking every pageview, download, purchase, ect. This type of information is called 1st party data and is extremely valuable. Accessing real-time data on the activities your customer and prospects are engaging with provides you with the data to optimize conversion.

Fulcrum Provides Real-time User Visibility

With the Fulcrum’s Salesforce plugin you have instant visibility into all their onsite activity in real-time. 

How it works

Fulcrum allows you to collect real-time data in two ways:

New Lead Capture

When a new user fills out a lead form on your site that data is automatically captured and pushed into Salesforce as a “new lead”. Additionally Fulcrum will continue to update that users record in real time by tracking and collection all of their onsite activity.

Returning Prospect/Customer

When a known prospect or customer (a user who has an existing record in Salesforce and has been to the site) arrives Fulcrum will track all their activity and update the individual’s record as well as push any requested data directly into Salesforce.

Integrating Fulcrum into your Salesforce is quick and easy.

With an average install time of under 15 min you can be capturing valuable information immediately to allow for optimized