Why Do I Need an Analytics Platform?

Fulcrum unlocks and activates your data for a better customer experience and increased revenue.

Your 1st party data is an asset, Fulcrum allows you to profit from this resource.

Fulcrum collects your company’s 1st party data and structures it in a simple way, providing a unified view of all your user data. With this single source view Fulcrum allows you to easily activate your data creating a contextual experience for each user that increases engagement and conversion.

With Fulcrum you can automatically manage the user journey providing the appropriate interaction across all channels.

Manage the User Journey

  • Collect activity for all your individual users; every page visit, download, form fill, media watched…everything!
  • Process data in real time that can be activated to provide a personalized experience regardless of the user’s identity status (known or anonymous).
  • The data for each individual is stored and can be immediately activated to provide relevant and personalized experiences.

80% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences.

– Epsilon Marketing, 2017

What Can Fulcrum Do For Me?

Increase Conversion
Fulcrum makes it easy to provide the right messaging to the right user day in day out. Establish a personalization process for new users and let it run. Recognize returning users or VIP customers to give them a customized experience. Establish confidence, build relationships and optimize conversion with Fulcrum.
Automate Workflows
Time consuming tasks are transformed into automated processes that save you time and move your business forward. Get the data that matters to you. Get a segment of customers who: are close to conversion, risk of churn, high potential for cross/upsell. Fulcrum makes it easy to identify these users and connect with them via personalization both on and off page.
Make Decisions with
Real-Time Data
Reporting all in real time. Track new users, conversions, events, purchases all in real time. Fulcrum updates your KPIs in a simple yet powerful dashboard. All data is refreshed every 60 seconds so you are working with current info. Dashboards and audience segments are easily customized so you have the info you want to see.

How Fulcrum Acquires and Activates the Data

Fulcrum Connects to Your Data Sources

  • Web & App Data
  • CRM Data
  • Custom Data

Fulcrum Collects and Processes Data

  • Segment Users
  • Journey Mapping
  • A/B Testing
  • User Personalization

Fulcrum Activates Data Across All Channels

  • On Page Personalization
  • Custom Ad Segments
  • Custom Email Campaigns

What can Fulcrum do for me?