Amazing (if we do say so ourselves).

Making things easy is incredibly difficult. Good news for you, that’s exactly what we did.

Fulcrum Allows You To Be Up and Running Within 21 Days

  • 1: Install the Fulcrum

    The entire process for the basic code install takes less than 60 minutes.

  • 2: Data Collection

    We fully test the Fulcrum integration to insure that all data from your site is being collected and processed in real time.

  • 3: Rules Established

    Fulcrum’s client success team works with you to identify the conversion opportunities and works with you to develop user segments.

  • 4: Fulcrum Rules Set up

    Rules are set up inside the Fulcrum platform, tested and then activated.

  • 5: Personalization Activated

    Users are exposed to automated personalization activities to optimize specific conversions.

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