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Data is an asset, treat it like one

Fulcrum allows you to connect with your customers, increasing engagement and conversion

The Fulcrum Customer Data Platform for personalization simplifies and automates the ability to provide real-time personalization for all your users. It collects first-party customer data providing visibility on behavior, intent, user journeys and much more. Using AI, Fulcrum automates personalization workflows to serve up in-the-moment, dynamic content, calls-to-action and personalized messaging — increasing engagement and accelerating conversion.


  • The only Customer Data Platform designed exclusively for personalization
  • AI enabled workflows make it easy to personalize customer engagement
  • Data is collected in real-time, no data warehouse
  • Customer personalization is automated and embedded into the Fulcrum platform, no need for separate systems
  • Fulcrum is a true partner, providing full support for implementation and strategic applications of the platform

Get personal with Fulcrum’s Key Deliverables:

Segment your Audiences

Quickly set up custom audience segments. Whether they are simple or highly complex segmentations, it’s all easy with Fulcrum. Establishing specific groups of your known customers and unknown users allows you to identify and target these groups with specific messages that resonate and convert.

Personalize User Experiences

Increase engagement and conversion by delivering a highly personalized experience to individual users. Fulcrum provides a wide range of automated personalization workflows to deliver the right message at the right time to the right user. ght time to the right user ght time to the right user

Analyze Your Marketing Channels

Fulcrum gives you insight into the effectiveness of all your active marketing campaigns and channels. Execute relevant messages to specific users in real-time across all your marketing channels. Optimize your media spend by targeting segmented users who have taken specific actions.

Deliver Product Recommendations

Leverage the power of real-time data to generate in-the-moment product recommendations. Using Fulcrum’s AI Recommendation Engine, the right users are provided the right recommendations at the right time.

Map User Journeys

Fulcrum gives you visibility on how users are moving through your marketing touch points and website environment. Understand the customer journey and react in real-time to manage and influence their path to conversion.

Get Real-time Reporting

Quickly run reports showing your user segments based on location, conversions, risk of churn, purchases and referrals. Generate product reports with total sales figures, average order value, order counts and much more.

Stay in the loop

Hear about Fulcrum’s latest platform updates and releases as well as keep up on industry trends and market new.