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  • Real-Time, First-Party Data Collection
  • Custom Audience Segment Builder
  • Real-Time KPI Dashboard Historical
  • Customer Data Ingestion
  • 10 Custom Audience Segments (built for you)
  • Multi Channel Attribution Reporting
  • Weekly 1:1 Calls (1/x per week – 60 mins)
  • Growth and Strategy Planning during the Trial
  • Automated Personalization Logic
  • Real-time Personalization Delivery System
  • AI Powered Recommendation Engine
  • Fulcrum Expert Consulting for Growth and Strategy Execution
  • Conversion Funnel Mapping
  • Data Collection and Management, above 5 million events per month
  • Custom Development for your Organization (API connections)
  • Custom Reporting/Business Intelligence Queries
  • Optional Salesforce Integration
  • Concierge On-boarding
  • Up to 10 Active Seats

Annual contract required. *Cost per month based on number of events, users and monthly website page views.


The Fulcrum Platform was developed exclusively for forward-thinking CMOs and Agencies who have the desire to optimize their relationships and revenue with customers as well as generate increased efficiency with their marketing channels.

We will have your account up and running within minutes — immediately displaying real-time data on your customers.

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