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Fulcrum Lands $5 Million in Funding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fulcrum Lands $5 Million in Funding for Customer Data Personalization Fulcrum’s platform brings personalization to a growing roster of clients   DENVER, May 19, 2022, Fulcrum (, a leader in real-time personalization,...

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Your Data is an asset — treat it like one

Data -/ˈdadə,ˈdādə noun Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. Data has been called the “new oil” and with good reason. The next phase of the Tech Frontier is primarily dedicated to information. WHY DATA IS SO IMPORTANT? In 2020, 59...

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Help Us Help You

Show Me the Files Here at Fulcrum, we have a group of seasoned experts from many marketing, sales and business development disciplines. Our team applies its collective knowledge (we like to call it intelligence equity) to develop tactical and durable customer-focused...

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Fulcrum Launch

Fulcrum Enters the Customer Personalization Platform Market! Today is a big day at Fulcrum as we officially announce our entry into the Customer Data Personalization space. Over the last four years, we have built Fulcrum from the ground up — and, we are proud of what...

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Fulcrum Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fulcrum Launches its Customer Data Personalization Platform to Boost Sales and Increase Marketing Conversion Rates Fulcrum combines first-party data collection with no-code, AI-driven automated personalization workflows DENVER, April 13, 2022,...

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The Fulcrum 45-day FREE Pilot Program

It’s déjà vu all over again… Shouldn't your web browsing experience be different each visit depending on your viewing history, past purchases, location and customer type? Sites that provide every visitor with the exact same experience every time create poor customer...

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Customer Churn

Churn is a problem for many companies. IT COSTS ON AVERAGE 15x MORE TO ACQUIRE A NEW CUSTOMER VERSUS RETAINING A CURRENT ONE. With Fulcrum, you can easily identify customers who are at risk of becoming inactive. For example, users who have a history of frequent site...

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Facebook and Third-Party Cookies

The Elephant in the Room On February 2nd, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) had its fourth quarter earnings call. Meta beat its revenue estimate and just missed its earnings per share by 7%, yet the stock took a 25% hit, wiping out about $232B of market value. What’s...

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Customer Retention

Sometimes we need to be reminded that the things WE ALREADY HAVE ARE MORE VALUABLE than the things we want. This is absolutely true when applied to customer retention versus customer acquisition in the digital marketing world. If you ask any marketer about their...

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Better Data Means Better Decisions

Fulcrum delivers real-time personalized experiences across all touch-points, increasing customer engagement and sales. Marketing teams know it’s essential to capture first-party data, but they typically don't have a viable system to do so. Some assume that current...

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