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At Fulcrum we like to help our customers and potential clients stay up industry trends, current news and debates around user privacy as well as updates to our platform and its features. Check back soon, we always have something to say!

Navigate the Ever-changing World of User Data

The State of Data As we move forward to the end of the year, we are starting to see the first of many marketing meeting agendas focused on planning for 2023. And one of the primary topics discussed for the next year is: “How to navigate the ever-changing world of user...

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Our Favorite Four-letter Word

Data. We love data, pure and simple. That said, data is only as good as your ability to effectively use it. That’s where Fulcrum comes in. Fulcrum collects your First-Party Data in real-time, creating custom audiences and executing personalized experiences that...

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Kicking the Cookie Can down the road

Once again, Google is postponing the depreciation of Third-Party Cookies until late 2024. Why is this relevant? Third-Party cookies track online user behavior. They are used to compile long-term records of people’s browsing history. Plus, most marketers use cookies to...

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Your customers are talking, but are you listening?

Customers willingly provide first-party data on what’s important to them. Yet many companies are missing these valuable signals. For example, a customer comes to your website hoping to book a vacation. They go through a fairly exhaustive search trying to find the...

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Do you have a Customer Experience Plan?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ―BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Companies regularly underestimate the economic impact of a well-thought out Customer Experience Plan. Yet the fastest way to improve your bottom line is to improve the way you engage with your...

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Improve your Customer Experience

Customer retention is critical to the success of any organization. And retention starts with a positive Customer Experience. A majority of organizations talk about the “Customer Experience” but what exactly does that mean? One of the best ways is to understand your...

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Fulcrum Lands $5 Million in Funding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fulcrum Lands $5 Million in Funding for Customer Data Personalization Fulcrum’s platform brings personalization to a growing roster of clients   DENVER, May 19, 2022, Fulcrum (www.fulcrumsaas.com), a leader in real-time personalization,...

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Your Data is an asset — treat it like one

Data -/ˈdadə,ˈdādə noun Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. Data has been called the “new oil” and with good reason. The next phase of the Tech Frontier is primarily dedicated to information. WHY DATA IS SO IMPORTANT? In 2020, 59...

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Help Us Help You

Show Me the Files Here at Fulcrum, we have a group of seasoned experts from many marketing, sales and business development disciplines. Our team applies its collective knowledge (we like to call it intelligence equity) to develop tactical and durable customer-focused...

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Fulcrum Launch

Fulcrum Enters the Customer Personalization Platform Market! Today is a big day at Fulcrum as we officially announce our entry into the Customer Data Personalization space. Over the last four years, we have built Fulcrum from the ground up — and, we are proud of what...

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