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Once again, Google is postponing the depreciation of Third-Party Cookies until late 2024.

Why is this relevant?
Third-Party cookies track online user behavior. They are used to compile long-term records of people’s browsing history. Plus, most marketers use cookies to target new users for customer acquisition. However, this strategy is becoming much less effective due to privacy issues and users’ recent ability to block these cookies — so customer acquisition costs are going up.

What do marketing organizations need to do?
Organizations must start implementing a process for collecting First-Party Data. This is data that your users willingly give you as they engage with your site and various marketing channels. When collected in a privacy compliant manner, First-Party Data not only provides you valuable insight on user behavior, but allows you to connect in a timely and relevant manner.

Fulcrum helps organizations collect and leverage First-Party Data, building strong and trusted relationships with users — no matter where they are within the customer journey process.

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