Fulcrum Pricing

Fulcrum’s advanced Customer Data Platform allows organizations to easily connect all their data sources for a unified view of their 1st party data. With Fulcrum you can ingest and explore your data then activate that information via user personalization across all your marketing channels.

Fulcrum provides a customized instance to meet the specific needs for your organization. Regardless of the license type Fulcrum will provide you with:

  • Real-time data collection of all activity from your website
  • Data connection and ingestion from all data sources
  • Reporting platform allows you to develop user segments, analyze user activity, marketing attribution and many other critical data points all in real-time.
  • Easily identify users based on specific traits and then automatically execute personalization experiences to increase engagement and conversion.
  • Simple installation, in less than 15 min you can easily install the core tracking code and immediately see real-time data flowing into your instance.