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New versus returning user

Remember your customers and they will remember you.

It sounds simple, but the fact is most companies treat ALL their customers exactly the same. They don’t make the interaction personal and can’t distinguish a first-time user on their site from a true “regular.” In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s critical to know “who’s who” so that you can provide each user with the right information and experience.

Three questions to keep in mind to successfully manage a customer experience:

Can you recognize a New User versus a Returning Customer? Make sure you can tell the difference. Each group will be more satisfied with an appropriate experience relative to their past engagement.

Do you provide different experiences? When customers come to your site or receive emails, are you showing them the exact same thing? Customers expect brands to know who they are and communicate with relevant content.

Can you measure your user engagement? Where are first-time users dropping out? Where do your customers get stuck? Understanding these friction points allows you to address them and deliver personalized experiences — increasing engagement and driving conversion.