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Fulcrum delivers real-time personalized experiences across all touch-points, increasing customer engagement and sales.

Marketing teams know it’s essential to capture first-party data, but they typically don’t have a viable system to do so. Some assume that current technologies within their tech stack will do the job, but that is not a complete solution. In order to accurately collect and connect first-party data you need to use true Customer Data Platform.


Here’s where Fulcrum can help. Fulcrum is a Customer Data Personalization Platform, designed to capture first-party data with the ability to explore and actually use this data.

  • DON’T MISS A THING: With Fulcrum you can see your most critical data at-a-glance in real-time.
  • GET SPECIFIC: Drill down into individual user behavior, see real-time campaign performance, create custom audience segments and so much more.
  • IT’S PERSONAL: Fulcrum allows you to create personalized experiences for specific users to increase engagement and accelerate conversion.
  • NO NEED TO REINVENT THE WHEEL: Our platform provides all the required components to automate data collection and personalization workflows to achieve your specific business objectives.

Talk with a Fulcrum Customer Success Strategist to see how we can help your business increase customer engagement and accelerate conversion.