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Manage user journeys in the moment

Organizations that are the best in managing their clients’ user journeys do so because they use real-time data collection processes and connect with their marketing channels to provide a relevant and timely user experience. This personalized approach aligns with the user and ultimately leads to an efficient path to conversion.

quoteA recent article from the CMO Council spells out the most important items to focus on. Here are a few highlights:

  • Prioritize Winning in the Moment – Opportunities move quickly, you need to keep pace. Use your data and personalization messaging in real-time.
  • Focus on Gathering Buyer Data – If you don’t have accurate and complete data on your users and customers you won’t have sufficient signal to move them to conversion.
  • Develop Multi-touch Attribution and In-flight Metrics – If you are not measuring your activities (personalization) you can’t make corrections or fully understand what is or is not working.
  • Empower Employees who Understand Customer Data –  Find, train and retain these employees, they can save you tons of time and more than pay for themselves if provided the right environment.