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The Elephant in the Room

quoteOn February 2nd, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) had its fourth quarter earnings call. Meta beat its revenue estimate and just missed its earnings per share by 7%, yet the stock took a 25% hit, wiping out about $232B of market value. What’s going on, you may ask?

Enter the Elephant.

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency rules feature in its April 2021 iOS 14.5 release is providing significant headwind for Meta’s advertising platform, impacting the accuracy of its targeted audiences. This is due to more and more users who are unwilling to be tracked when using apps — 84% of us are now selecting the “Ask app not to track” option. This major change, along with third-party cookie depreciation (scheduled to take effect in less than 18 months) is going to upend everything. Access to audiences, retargeting and measurement are going to be hugely impacted. How can you prepare to navigate these changes? Take these four steps:
  1. Establish a first-party data collection system
  2. Utilize AI and real-time personalization to increase engagement and increase conversion
  3. Set up accurate attribution and ad measurement
  4. Start soon, like in the next quarter, in order to make this work for your organization
The good news is Fulcrum can assist with ALL of the required capabilities to navigate this massive change. We are here to help you prepare and prosper.   WANT TO KNOW MORE? Check out the just released IAB Programmatic+Data Center Report and see for yourself the stark reality of this shift. Spoiler Alert — most companies and agencies don’t have a plan and the industry as a whole is not moving fast enough to prepare.